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Hospitals and clinics

Kagoshima University has established the Kagoshima University Health Service Center, with the aim of helping to safeguard and promote students’ physical and mental health. The Center’s expert staff provide medical treatment for everyday health issues, as well as providing consultation services to help students with their problems.

Hospitals etc. located near the Faculty of Fisheries

Category Name Tel. No. Address
General hospitals Kagoshima City Hospital 099-230-7000 37-1 Ueararatacho, Kagoshima City
*First-time patients without a referral letter need to pay a registration fee of 5,400 yen on their first visit.
Kagoshima Tokushukai Hospital 099-250-1110 3-8-1 Shimoarata, Kagoshima City
Yonemori Hospital 099-230-0100 1-7-1 Yojiro, Kagoshima City
Surgical hospitals Toyoshima Hospital 099-253-0317 3-27-1 Shimoarata, Kagoshima City
Orthopedic clinics Masuda Orthopedic Surgical Hospital 099-257-8100 1-1-1 Korimoto, Kagoshima City
Ophthalmological clinics Kawabata Ophthalmology Clinic 099-822-1110 3-2-1 Korimoto, Kagoshima City
Night-time emergency hospitals Kagoshima City Night Emergency Hospital 099-214-3350 2-22-18 Kamoike, Kagoshima City


Hospitals etc. located near the Azuma-cho Station

Category Name Tel. No. Address
Surgery and internal medicine Nagashima-cho National Health Insurance Takanosu Clinic 0996-86-0054 1814 Takanosu, Nagashima-cho, Izumi District, Kagoshima Prefecture
Surgery, internal medicine, gastrointestinal and dermatology Uchiyama Hospital 0996-73-1551 22 Takamatsu-cho, Akune City, Kagoshima Prefecture


Kagoshima University Health Service Center (located in the Korimoto Campus)

Extension number and telephone number for outside calls Extension No. Tel. No.
Health Service Center Office Ext. 7385 For outside calls: 099-285-7385
Consultation Room: Ext. 7380 For outside calls: 099-285-7380


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