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Exemption from Tuition fees

The tuition exemption is a system to exempt you from the total or half price of the tuition that you should pay in semester. Subject student is selected based on the application of the person for students corresponding to any of the following.

Apply for Tuition Fee Exemption

The announcement of information session will be displayed on notice board (Usually, application for first semester will be displayed on January, and second semester will be on May). We will distribute the application documents at information session.
If you already know the system and procedure about tuition exemption, you don’t need to attend the session. You can get the documentation at student affairs section
You can see the detail about tuition exemption at web site “an entrance fee and the exemption of the tuition of Kagoshima University”.


Economy Support Section, Student Support Division, Academic Affairs Department(Tel: +81-(0)99-285-7033)
Student Affairs Section, Faculty of Fisheries(Tel: +81-(0)99-286-4040)

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