International Food Resources Science Special Course Graduation Project Report Presentations Activity


Of the students scheduled to graduate from the first phase of the International Food Resources Special Course, which the Fisheries and Agriculture Faculties jointly established 4 years ago, 7 conducted their “Graduation Project Overseas”, and five students from the Fisheries Faculty sub-course presented their results at the meeting.

More than 60 people from the university and outside attended the English presentations and joined the discussion. The titles of the presentations were as follows:

Dispatched to Malaysia:

“Current Status and Future Effective Use of Marine Products in Malaysia”

Dispatch of Saint Lucia:

“Cooperative Project to Make an Attractive Fishing Port in Vieux Fort Fishing Complex in St. Lucia”

“Current Status and Utilization of Marine Products in St. Lucia”

Dispatched to Spain:

“Current Status of Consumed Fish in Alicante, Spain and several locations in Tunisia, and a Survey in a Marine Protected Area”

Dispatched to Colombia:

“Activities for Complete Farming of Fish in Colombia”

Of these projects, three have been conducted using the framework of the short-term dispatch of the JICA/University cooperation volunteer dispatching project, focusing on JICA officials, the St. Lucia Fisheries Agency, Colombia Magdalena University and local fishermen. We are grateful for the cooperation and support of the many people involved. In addition, one case was part of a preliminary survey of grassroots projects in Malaysia, and we received the cooperation and support from many people, including the JICA Malaysia office, Malaysian Fisheries Department, and teaching staff from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

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