Training Vessel Kagoshima-Maru

Undergraduate students experience navigation, seamanship, longline fishing, trawling, oceanographic observation during on-board training.

Training Vessel Nansei-Maru

We perform on-board training and oceanographic survey at Kagoshima-Bay and east-china sea as main activity area. We research about trawling, longline fishing, single-hook fishing, water temperature, water quality, current, sediment, marine observation, fishing gear performance, voyage instrument, ship motion, marine resources, etc.

Education and Research Center for Marine Resources and Environment

We perform fundamental researches to clean the environment of the area along the shore such as the Gulf of Kagoshima using the self-purification of marine biology. We also cooperate with developing countries on technical guidance.

Kinko Bay On-shore Laboratory

There are many water tanks for breeding fishes, shrimp and shellfish. We research about feed and breeding environment for cultivation.

On campus

Training food factory

We equip a can seamer for canned foods, a pressurizer for retort pack foods and a smoking machine for smoked food at training food factory. These are used for “Fisheries food manufacturing training” and developing new food product as graduate work.

Flume Tank Laboratory

The flume tank is a big tank which can test of fluid dynamics. You can observe fluid model from the window placed at tank. We innovate a fishing net and boat for economical and ecological products.

Project Research Laboratory

We have many types of analytical equipment.

Kagoshima University Co-op

For students welfare there is cafeteria. They serve lunch on 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

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