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Faculty of Fisheries

hongakukyouiku161013a1Aquatic Sciences

Students receive instruction and training covering a broad range of techniques and subjects, including biodiversity, ecology, ecophysiology, systematics and environmental studies. Our interest covers the full diversity of marine and freshwater life, from microscopic algae to marine fish and mammals. We nurture marine biologists with knowledge and skills who can be successful on a global scale.

Professor KOBARI, Toru(Biological Oceanography)
NAKAMURA, Hirohiko(Physical Oceanography)
NISHI, Ryuichiro(Marine Environmental Science)
YAMAMOTO, Tomoko(Community Ecology)
Associate Professor ENDO, Hikaru(Phycology, Biodiversity of Coastal Ecosystem)
KUME, Gen(Ichthyology)
Assistant Professor KODAMA, Masahumi
NISHINA, Ayako(Physical Oceanography)
SUMOTO, Hirofumi(Fisheries Engineering)
The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (Doctor course) Professor TERADA, Ryuta(Marine Botany)
hongakukyouiku161013a2Fisheries Resource Sciences

The students joining our group study the biological and technological aspects of fisheries resource management and advanced aquaculture technology through comprehensive teaching and training at the undergraduate level. Our goal is to foster students to have a broad range of knowledge on fisheries and aquaculture so they can contribute to the field of fisheries resource management, fisheries technology, aquaculture technology, and sustainable development of fisheries industries through teaching and research.

Professor ANRAKU, Kazuhiko(Sensory and Behavioral Physiology)
ISHIKAWA, Manabu(Aquatic Nutritional Chemistry)
KOTANI, Tomonari(Aquaculture)
OHTOMI, Jun(Fisheries Biology)
VAZQUEZ ARCHDALE, Miguel Federico(Fishing Technology)
Associate Professor DOI, Wataru(Fisheries Biology, Crustacean Biology)
EBATA, Keigo(Fishing Gear Engineering)
ISHIZAKI, Munechika(Fisheries Engineering)
TASUMI, Satoshi(Fish and shellfish immunology)
Assistant Professor YOKOYAMA, Saichiro(Nutritional Physiology of Aquatic Animals)
hongakukyouiku161013a3Food and Life Sciences

We mainly provide education on the effective and safe utilization of marine resources as food and biomass, and on the biochemical properties of fishery products and their biologically active substances. Students are expected to gain special knowledge and techniques in the field of fisheries food sciences and resource utilization sciences, and to play an active part in the industrial world related with food, chemistry and pharmaceutics.

Professor KAMINISHI, Yoshio(Marine Biotechnology)
KOMATSU, Masaharu(Functional Food Safety Science)
SHIOZAKI, Kazuhiro(Biochemistry, Glycobiology)
Associate Professor KATO, Sanae(Biochemistry, Molecular Biology)
SHINDO, Jo(Food Processing and Utilization of Fish Resources)
TAKUMI, Shota(Functional Food Safety Science)
Assistant Professor KUMAGAI, Momochika(Fisheries Food Science, Natural Product Chemistry)
hongakukyouiku161013a4Fisheries Economics

The mission of our group is to foster students who have strong interests, responsibility and enough knowledge about seafood marketing and fisheries industry management. We want to develop human resources in the field of food business (ex. international trading companies, food processing companies, distributers and retailers) and fisheries administration (ex. national or local government offices, fisheries cooperative associations and fisheries companies).

Professor SAKUMA, Yoshiaki(Fisheries Management)
SANO, Masaaki(Fisheries Economics)
Associate Professor KUGA, Mizuho(Fisheries Marketing)
TORII, Takashi(Fisheries Economics)
Assistant Professor FUJIMOTO, Mariko
SUZUKI, Takashi(Fisheries Economics)
hongakukyouiku161013a5Aquatic Environment Conservation Sciences

Because of conservation of biodiversity and steady supply of seafood as our food, the strict conservations and managements in aquatic environment in fresh and sea water areas have been required in the world. We especially train students with the holistic knowledges for red tides, eutrophication, environmental pollution by chemicals (negative impacts), environmental conservation, and environmental remediation and aim to raise as their researchers and experts, who will active all over the world.

Professor UNO, Seiichi(Environmental Chemistry)
YOSHIKAWA, Takeshi(Marine Microbiology)
Associate Professor OKUNISHI, Suguru(Environmental Microbiology)
Assistant Professor KOKUSHI, Emiko(Aquatic Ecotoxicology)
YAMASAKI, Masatoshi
hongakukyouiku161013a6Internationalization Education Responsible Staff (International Food Resource Sciences Special Course, International Students, etc.)

This Special Course intends to educate students who can participate in the globalizing of the industrial society and contribute to the international community with a focus on Southeast Asia, the South Pacific and Africa.
Students will acquire expertise in the field of sustainable production and the rational use of food resources while enriching their world view and ethical sense. The faculties of Agriculture and Fisheries collaborated and established this course, which consists of the agriculture-based sub-course and the fisheries-based sub-course, where students can study both agriculture and fisheries sciences.

Professor VAZQUEZ ARCHDALE, Miguel Federico(Fishing Technology)
Associate Professor ISHIZAKI, Munechika(Fisheries Engineering)
Assistant Professor FUJIMOTO, Mariko

Graduate School of Fisheries(Master Course, Doctoral Course)

Graduate School of Fisheries(Master Course)
The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences(Doctoral Course)

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