Admission Policy

Image of human resources sought
(1) Persons who sympathise with educational goal of the Postgraduate School of Fisheries and have the ability to think and strong will to realise the goal,
(2) Persons who understand the utilisation of fishery resources and the present conditions and problems of the aquatic environment, and endeavour to study and sove the issues and solve those problems,
(3) Persons who do not spare an effort in learning and who have strong will to acquire the knowledge and ability in order to play an active part in the globalising intra- and international communities, and
(4) Persons who face difficulties with ambition and have the will to contribute to the future with a global view.

Candidates for the Tropical Fisheries with International Linkage Course should, in addition to above, have strong will to strengthen understanding of the fisheries industry and culture Southeast Asian countries and to enhance the communication skills in English.
At the Foreign Student Program, foreign students who want to study Japanese fisheries sciences only in English and attain the high ability for researches.

Expected Academic Ability
(1) It is necessary to have the knowledge and ability in survey, experiments and analysis at the undergraduate grade in one of the sciences such as aquatic sciences, and sciences on fisheries resources production and aquaculture, fisheries food and advanced utilisation of aquatic resources, conservation of aquatic environment, and relevant human activities and socio-economic relationship.
(2) Candidates for the Tropical Fisheries with International Linkage Course need, in addition to above, high English skill in order to take the specialty subjects taught in English, to participate in collaboration with foreign universities and to study overseas.

Entrance Examination information

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