BACKGROUND OF CONSTRUCTION  Kagoshima-maru, one of the training vessels of the Faculty of Fisheries, Kagoshima University, has conducted education and researches on utilisation, management and conservation of aquatic resources in the area around the Nansei Islands (Southern Japan), which are strategically important for Japan, since Kagoshima-maru I built in 1950. She has also conducted a variety of activities in collaboration with universities and organisations in the Southeast Asian and tropical Pacic region. The new vessel has been built to replace the aged Kagoshima-maru III, which was constructed in 1971. The Faculty of Fisheries, Kagoshima University has been reorganising its eld education facilities by establishing the Education and Research Centre for Marine Resources and Environment in 2000, building the medium-scale training vessel Nansei-maru in 2002, and decommissioning the large-scale training vessel Keiten-maru in 2003. Construction of the new Kagoshima-maru completes this reorganisation and facilitates well-balanced training covering inshore, coastal and oshore waters. Kagoshima-maru IV is a large-scale training vessel built by a university after a long time in Japan; therefore, she is equipped with the latest facilities for education and researches. She is a training vessel for the next generation which was designed integrating new concepts as surveys and experiments are carried out throughout the cruise. Kagoshima-maru IV shall be utilised for higher education in Japan, interdisciplinary surveys and researches and international projects strategically as well as training for students of the Faculty of Fisheries, Kagoshima University. She shall inherit the activities which Kagoshima-maru III established and acknowledged as an international centre for aquatic education and researches in tropical and subtropical waters.