Related Facilities5Educational and Research Center for Marine Resources and Environment, Kinko Bay On-shore LaboratoryKinko Bay On-shore Laboratory is located near our faculty. In the laboratory, we conduct comprehensive rearing experiments of marine finfish and shellfish, which aim to study aquatic animal nutrition, aquaculture feed development and seedling production techniques. The main components of our facilities include a filtered seawater supply system, rearing tanks and a mid-scale recirculating tank system.Training VesselsKagoshima-Maru (1,284t)We are conducting medium to long term cruises lasting from 7 days to 50 days as practical training in the coastal areas extending from the Japanese coast to its near waters and the Northwest Pacific Ocean. Undergraduate students experience navigation, seamanship, longline fishing, trawling and oceanographic observations during their on-board training.Nansei-Maru (175t)We perform on-board training and oceanographic surveys in Kagoshima Bay and the East-China Sea as its main activity area. We research about trawling, longline fishing, single-hook fishing, water temperature, water quality, current, sediment, marine observation, fishing gear performance, voyage instruments, ship motion, marine resources, etc.Educational and Research Center for Marine Resources and Environment, Azuma-cho Field StationAzuma-cho Field Station is located in Nagashima Island, close to the Yatsushiro Sea, and serves as a seaside satellite facility for the researchers from our university and other institutions. The station was first established in 1972 and reconstructed in 2016. Facilities include large-scale water tanks (600t × 2, 30t × 3, 8t × 2, 4t × 4), several small research boats like Azuma (8.5t) and a dormitory for up to 30 persons.FACULTY OF FISHERIES KAGOSHIMA UNIVERSITYGuide Book (2017-2018)