5 Divisions and 1 Special CourseFisheries EconomicsAquatic Environment SciencesForeign Student Program (Master Course) The mission of our group is to foster students who have strong interests, responsibility and enough knowledge about seafood marketing and fisheries industry management. We want to develop human resources in the field of food business (ex. international trading companies, food processing companies, distributers and retailers) and fisheries administration (ex. national or local government offices, fisheries cooperative associations and fisheries companies).ProfessorSAKUMA, Yoshiaki(Fisheries Management)SANO, Masaaki(Fisheries Economics)Associate ProfessorKUGA, Mizuho(Fisheries Marketing)SASAKI, Takafumi(Fisheries Economics)TORII, Takashi(Fisheries Economics) This program is specifically prepared to enable foreign students fulfill all the requirements to complete the master course of this School through studies conducted only in English. There are special arrangements including offering some subjects available only to foreign students for efficient and comfortable study. It is strongly noted; however, that the Curriculum and Registration Rules of the School shall be applied to basic matters relevant to enrolment, registration, credit points, researches, graduation requirements etc. in the School. It must be also noted that foreign students who do not register for this Programme shall study mainly in Japanese in accordance to the standard curriculum of the School. Because of conservation of biodiversity and steady supply of seafood as our food, the strict conservation and management in the aquatic environment in fresh and sea water areas have been required in the world. We especially train students with the holistic knowledge for red tides, eutrophication, environmental pollution by chemicals (negative impacts), environmental conservation, and environmental remediation and aim to raise them as researchers and experts, who will be active all over the world.ProfessorMAEDA, Hiroto(Marine Microbiology)YOSHIKAWA, Takeshi(Marine Microbiology)Associate ProfessorUNO, Seiichi(Environmental Chemistry)Assistant ProfessorKOKUSHI, Emiko(Aquatic Ecotoxicology)Specially Appointed Associate ProfessorOKUNISHI, Suguru(Aquatic Life Science) This Special Course intends to educate students who can participate in the globalizing of the industrial society and contribute to the international community with a focus on Southeast Asia, the South Pacific and Africa. Students will acquire expertise in the field of sustainable production and the rational use of food resources while enriching their world view and ethical sense. The faculties of Agriculture and Fisheries collaborated and established this course, which consists of an agriculture-based sub-course and a fisheries-based sub-course, where students can study both agriculture and fisheries sciences.ProfessorVAZQUEZ ARCHDALE, Miguel FedericoAssociate ProfessorISHIZAKI, MunechikaAssistant ProfessorKITO, KeikoSpecial Course in InternationalFood and Resource Sciences4FACULTY OF FISHERIES KAGOSHIMA UNIVERSITYGuide Book (2017-2018)