5 Divisions and 1 Special CourseAquatic SciencesFisheries Resource SciencesFood and Life Sciences Students receive instruction and training covering a broad range of techniques and subjects, including biodiversity, ecology, ecophysiology, systematics and environmental studies. Our interest covers the full diversity of marine and freshwater life, from microscopic algae to marine fish and mammals. We nurture marine biologists with knowledge and skills who can be successful on a global scale.ProfessorNAKAMURA, Hirohiko(Physical Oceanography)NISHI, Ryuichiro(Marine Environmental Science)SHIGEHIRO, Ritsuo(Fishing Vessel Technology)SUZUKI, Hiroshi(Aquatic Biology)YAMAMOTO, Tomoko(Community Ecology)Associate ProfessorKOBARI, Toru(Biological Oceanography)KUME, Gen(Ichthyology)Assistant ProfessorENDO, Hikaru(Phycology)NISHINA, Ayako(Physical Oceanography)SUMOTO, Hirofumi(Fisheries Engineering)The United Graduate School ofAgricultural Sciences ProfessorTERADA, Ryuta( Marine Botany) The students joining our group study the biological and technological aspects of fisheries resource management and advanced aquaculture technology through comprehensive teaching and training at the undergraduate level. Our goal is to foster students to have a broad range of knowledge on fisheries and aquaculture so they can contribute to the field of fisheries resource management, fisheries technology, aquaculture technology, and sustainable development of fisheries industries through teaching and research.ProfessorKOSHIO, Shunsuke(Aquatic Nutritional Physiology)OHTOMI, Jun(Fisheries Biology)ISHIKAWA, Manabu(Aquatic Nutritional Chemistry)VAZQUEZ ARCHDALE, Miguel Federico(Fishing Technology)YAMAMOTO, Atsushi(Fish Pathology)Associate ProfessorANRAKU, Kazuhiko(Sensory and Behavioral Physiology)EBATA, Keigo(Fishing Gear Engineering)ISHIZAKI, Munechika(Fisheries Engineering)KOTANI, Tomonari(Aquaculture)NISHI, Takaaki(Fisheries Engineering)YAMANAKA, Yuichi(Fisheries Engineering)Assistant ProfessorTAKEUCHI, Yutaka(Reproductive Biology)YOKOYAMA, Saichiro(Nutritional Physiology) We mainly provide education on the effective and safe utilization of marine resources as food and biomass, and on the biochemical properties of fishery products and their biologically active substances. Students are expected to gain special knowledge and techniques in the field of fisheries food sciences and resource utilization sciences, and to play an active part in the industrial world related with food, chemistry and pharmaceutics.ProfessorKAMINISHI, Yoshio(Marine Biotechnology)KIMURA, Ikuo(Food Biochemistry)KOMATSU, Masaharu(Functional Food Safety Science)Associate ProfessorSHINDO, Jo(Food Processing)SHIOZAKI, Kazuhiro(Biochemistry, Glycobiology)SUGIYAMA, Yasumasa(Marine Natural Products Chemistry)LecturerYAMADA, Shoji(Biochemistry)Assistant ProfessorKATO, Sanae(Food Biochemistry)3FACULTY OF FISHERIES KAGOSHIMA UNIVERSITYGuide Book (2017-2018)