"Endeavour in the sea, love the sea and develop the sea" with your heart."Endeavour in the sea, love the sea and develop the sea" with your heart.Division of Aquatic SciencesDivision of Food and Life Sciences Division of Fisheries EconomicsDivision of Aquatic Environment SciencesSpecial Course in International Food and Resource SciencesMajor of FisheriesBiological Sciences andTechnology CourseResource and Environmental Sciences of Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries CourseSciences of BioresourceProduction CourseThe United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (Doctor Course)Graduate School ofFisheries (Master Course)Faculty of FisheriesKagoshima UniversityDivision of Fisheries Resource Sciences The Faculty of Fisheries aims to be a globally-opened educational and research institutes in fisheries with creating a culture which can lead the world in the tropical and subtropical waters by promoting the studies on local as well as global issues, resulting in contributing to the local and international communities. The faculty, at the same time, produces human resources with higher specific knowledges and rich globalism and ethics in the areas of sustainable production and rational utilization of fisheries resources, and conservation and management of aquatic environments from Kagoshima towards Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.Mission of Faculty of Fisheries2FACULTY OF FISHERIES KAGOSHIMA UNIVERSITYGuide Book (2017-2018)